Where to get a quick & inexpensive meal in St. Maarten

One thing I struggled with when I first started traveling to St. Maarten | St. Martin was finding a simple, tasty meal where I didn’t need to sit down take up a lot of time. Since I travel alone, for the most part, this came up a lot! I found myself going to the grocery store and buying frozen meals which are never any good or going and eating alone at some restaurant and it taking up a lot of my time and got expensive after a while.

Someone along the way recommended I check out Jordan Village. This area is located in the middle of Maho and Cupecoy directly across the street from the north side of Mullet Beach.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 2.51.56 PM

Once I realized that this is the area where The American University of the Caribbean and Caribbean International Academy were, I knew that this would be the perfect spot to find cheap, quick eats since that is exactly what students need.

Now, whenever I’m hungry and just want something quick and easy, I head to this location.

Restaurants in Jordan Village:
Bar Code
La Bodega
Pizza Dan
Fat Tony’s
Spaghetti House
Yami Sushi
Litle Beirut

So, based on that list alone, you can already see how many different options there are. If you are traveling with a group, this can be a great spot for everyone to get exactly what they feel like that night and it can be brought back to the hotel or the house you are staying in.

Just a quick tip for anyone that may be looking for it!

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