Using Drone Auto Pilot Mode


I travel alone…a lot. This can be tough. I will see a shot and wish I could be in it. Because who doesn’t like seeing themselves at the location they are in?

Villa Cielomar in Costa Rica

I was in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. My job had brought me to Villa CieloMar. This beautiful property had an incredible view. It cost more to be there for a week than I make in a year. I had finished up filming and realized I wanted a shot of myself. The architect had created that walkway for a reason.

Using DJI Phantom Waypoints

I was flying with the DJI Phantom 4. One incredible feature it has is fly via waypoints. What this does is use the GPS system to mark points on the map. You say which points to go to and in what order. Warning: It can eat up battery power since you need to fly the route to set the points. So it’s something to plan out prior to taking flight.

Have you used the auto pilot features on your drone? Which ones do you like using most?

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