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#TBT to the time I was in the room where it happened…


In 2016 @jennga14 and were visiting NYC. It was during the last week of the original cast performances of Hamilton. We were fortunate enough to get last-minute standing room only tickets to see the show. (Jenn has connections and I get to proudly enjoy them) When we arrived at our “standing spot” 4 men in suits came over to our area looking straight out of Men in Black. They asked if we wanted seats saying they needed to stand in our spot and we could have theirs. Obviously, we took them! “That’s so weird,” we both thought as we found our seats in the balcony. Once seated, the crowd suddenly starts to applaud. We look down and in walks, who we all thought was going to be the future President,

Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton.

The night just got even better.⠀

We watch the first half of the show, which at this point you have all seen on Disney+ and can imagine the high we were on. Just an absolutely spectacular show. ⠀

During intermission, Jenn checks her phone. We have been invited on stage after the show…jaws…drop.

The second act is equally as incredible and we both are riding a super high. ⠀

The curtain drops and we make our way to the stage. After a quick “are you on the list?” moment, we are invited to walk into the room where it happened. Standing on that stage and looking out over the seats in the audience was something I will never forget. I turn around and start to see members of the cast enter the stage. I’m doing my best to play it cool and act like I’m meant to be there. ⠀

While having an amazing conversation with the nicest person on Earth, Daveed Diggs, the stage starts applauding. At first, I assumed it was over how cool I was playing it…but then reality kicked in and I look to my left…in walks Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Best. Night. Ever.⠀

It’s been so great to watch Hamilton again and re-live some of those feelings I had on that incredible night in NYC. I think I kept my cool, but I’m sure my bright red face told a different story.

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