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Drone over Baie Rouge St. Martin

Drone over Baie Rouge St. Martin

Baie Rouge is an area of the French Side of St. Martin, an island in the West Indies. This location is within Terres Basses and is home to many of the top-rated, high-end Vacation Rental Villas. A great place to fly a drone over.

Baie Rouge Beach is a free-standing, restaurants free, beautiful beach with a public parking lot. One end of the beach is where the majority of travelers and locals gather to swim and enjoy the warm sun. The other end, while not private by any means, is where many beachfront villas are located.

The beach offers wonderful long walks which can be difficult through the deep sand. This is also a spot for those who are adventurous to explore some of the cliffs and rocks. One area has a hole through the cliffs that can swim through to reach a beautiful and private-esque beach area. (No beaches on the entire island are private.) Swimmers be aware the water can get rough and it should only be attempted by those with the skills or at least life jackets to help them stay afloat.

The hole you can carefully swim through to reach a small beach on the other side.

The above video was shot with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro

If you’re looking for an easy to access beach with plenty of parking, this is a great one to stop at. The water can be swam in easily when the weather is right and there is plenty of space to stretch out and not be surrounded by others.

There are no beach chairs, restaurants or bars on this beach at the moment so bring a chair, cooler and snacks.

Any additional questions about Baie Rouge? Contact me or leave a comment. Check out more videos on my Youtube Channel!

This side of the beach features beachfront villas.
This side is where most visitors and locals relax on the beach due to it's proximity to the parking lot
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Villa Acqua in St. Martin used to be an absolute stunner

Villa Acqua in St. Martin was living on the edge. The views from this villa were absolutely incredible. The house may have been partially destroyed by Hurricane Irma, but the new life that will be given to the property being built there will make it even better.

This villa had an infinity edge pool with a view that destroyed most others. The underwater speakers made it an incredible experience for those who enjoy doing laps, but hate wearing those pesky swimming headphones.

It was a 3 story house with resort like styling and features.

Sadly, due to the location of this property, Hurricane Irma did some mighty nasty damage to it. Luckily, the pool is still together and the new owner of the property is planning on rebuilding around it. It’s going to be stunning.

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Drone over Baie Rouge, St. Martin

Baie Rouge beach in Terres Basses, St. Martin. A few clouds won’t ruin your day on this beach. This photo was taken over Terres Basses, St. Martin. You can rent that red roof villa for your next vacation. The house is also currently for sale. It’s called Mongoose Run and can be rented at

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Baie Nettle, St. Martin, F.W.I.

I took this photo of Baie Nettle in November 2019. One of the best parts about flying a drone around St. Martin is getting an idea of the layout of the island. I love being able to see from the ocean over Simpson Bay lagoon and all the way across to the ocean on the other side. Do you have a favorite spot in Baie Nettle?

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Sunset over Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Maarten-St. Martin

If anyone needs a self-help book cover, this one is for sale. 😆

The sunsets in St. Martin are always spectacular and no matter how many you see, you will always stop to look at the next one. This photo was taken on the dock at villa La Salamandre on the Simpson Bay Lagoon this past November. I am looking forward to coming back to St. Martin in 2020 to continue to experience all the changes being made. I wish everyone all the best as this decade comes to a close and hope the next is even better.

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St. Martin Recovery from Hurricane Irma – A Reflection

St. Martin has been going through a huge transformation these past two years since Hurricane Irma. The island has had to redesign itself and fight back. While many people think it’s not happening fast enough, I believe they need to realize if recovery happens fast, it probably isn’t done right. I’m so impressed with how far the island has come in two years even though I too, would like to see it done faster. But ultimately, I want it done right.
This photo I took with the Samsung Gear 360 is of me standing in a brand new villa that has been completely built with hurricanes in mind. I’m so impressed with the attention to detail and the level of strength this villa was built with. The hurricane shutters have a new strength like we’ve never seen, while also still being sleek and hidden to not ruin the aesthetic of the house. The villa has safe rooms, ultimate strength tie-downs and is built with a powerful material that is also sleek and sexy. You won’t know how strong this villa is by its looks, which gives it the perfect mix of safe and stunning.
The villa features its own water filtration system allowing you to even drink from the tap. It also creates it’s own water so you don’t even need to buy bottles of water while you’re staying here. And additionally, it can even convert seawater to freshwater to be able to water the giant lawn in front of the villa. I got a tour of the water room and it was mind-blowing.

This is just one example of someone who has chosen to rebuild and support this beautiful island but also respected the possibility that bad things can happen. The owner learned from the devastation and chose to fight it. I’d love to see more of this coming from St. Martin and look forward to seeing people follow suit.

I love this island and the people who choose to live and visit here. So far, I like what I am seeing and if it takes a little bit longer than expected, I’m okay with that as long as it’s done right.

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Sunsets in St. Maarten


 I moved into a new property 6-bedroom vacation rental called La Salamandre which is located directly on the Simpson Bay Lagoon in Terres Basses. Right as I arrived, the sun started to set and naturally, I began taking photos. No matter how many sunsets you see in your life, you will always take a photo of it. I have been around so many locals on the island and they are still always blown away by every sunset even though they see them ALL THE TIME. No two are alike. Clouds are always different, colors vary from reds to purples to pinks. It’s incredible to watch how many people will stop to take photos of sunsets. And I’m all for it…because clearly, I couldn’t just take a photo of the sunset, but had to get my face in the action, too. The sunsets in St. Maarten|St. Martin are incredible.

Which spot is your favorite place to catch the sunset?

For me, it’s either Dany’s Beach Bar if I want to be around a bunch of people while drinking a beer, or if I want to feel romantic, I’ll take myself to Plum Baie.

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The “Friendly” People in St. Maarten | St. Martin

The People

This island is not just beautiful beaches and great restaurants. What really makes this place so special is the people who live and travel here. If you ever meet someone in your life who is in love with this island, it really puts a bond between you. This was one of those moments… @mommamarc1 and I have interacted on social media for a long time and it just so happened we were going to be on the island over the same days. I had so much fun meeting up with her and her group for sunset drinks at Dany’s Beach Bar, then we watched the Patriots game and even went out to dinner to close out the night. This is what makes St. Maarten|St. Martin special. It’s the people and the vibe of this island.

I came to this island 5 years ago for work and knew nothing about it. I never thought I’d be where I am today. It was the people who made me start talking on social media about this place. It was the friends I’ve made along the way. If you respect and show love for this island, it will love you right back. St. Maarten people are some of the strangest and loveliest people I have ever met and I couldn’t be happier to call myself one.

And to @mommamarc1 , thank you. I’m so happy to have finally met face to face.

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Moving out of a luxury villa in Terres Basses, St. Martin

Moving out of this luxury villa in Terres Basses tomorrow and I’m very sad. This chair and I had many wonderful moments that will be thought about for years. There was the time I napped in it…and that other time I also “rested my eyes” during sunset. I can’t wait to show more of this property once it’s ready to go. An absolutely phenomenal home.
On to the next villa tomorrow where I’ll stay for the remainder of the trip. I can’t believe my 10 days are coming to a close. This is the shortest trip I’ve done here and I think I need to make sure to never make that mistake again.

If you had 3 days left in St. Martin|St. Maarten, what would you do with your time?

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Where to get a quick & inexpensive meal in St. Maarten

One thing I struggled with when I first started traveling to St. Maarten | St. Martin was finding a simple, tasty meal where I didn’t need to sit down take up a lot of time. Since I travel alone, for the most part, this came up a lot! I found myself going to the grocery store and buying frozen meals which are never any good or going and eating alone at some restaurant and it taking up a lot of my time and got expensive after a while.

Someone along the way recommended I check out Jordan Village. This area is located in the middle of Maho and Cupecoy directly across the street from the north side of Mullet Beach.

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 2.51.56 PM

Once I realized that this is the area where The American University of the Caribbean and Caribbean International Academy were, I knew that this would be the perfect spot to find cheap, quick eats since that is exactly what students need.

Now, whenever I’m hungry and just want something quick and easy, I head to this location.

Restaurants in Jordan Village:
Bar Code
La Bodega
Pizza Dan
Fat Tony’s
Spaghetti House
Yami Sushi
Litle Beirut

So, based on that list alone, you can already see how many different options there are. If you are traveling with a group, this can be a great spot for everyone to get exactly what they feel like that night and it can be brought back to the hotel or the house you are staying in.

Just a quick tip for anyone that may be looking for it!