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The Devil’s Hole in St. Martin


The Devil’s Hole (or Trou David as it’s less fun name) in St. Martin is an 80 foot in diameter sinkhole between Baie Rouge and Pointe du Bluffe. The highest peak is around 33 feet. It’s quite an amazing place to see.
I was lucky enough to be visiting the house next to it and was able to experience it from the top and surrounding areas. The public can access the area from the rectangular stone at the lowest point or if you’re feeling frisky, you can swim around to the two holes to access it from the inside.
Many of the island tours will stop by this location. While I was there, I witnessed two different four wheel tours come by as the area is easy to get to with an off-road vehicle. By car, you can access it, but there is more walking involved. And you’ll need to be care with the path to it being a little rocky.

So if you’re looking for an adventure and want to see some natural beauty…this may just be the spot for you. Look up “Trou David” or “David’s Hole” on Google Maps to find the exact location and work out how you’ll visit it. Or if you want to listen to the waves crashing while you sleep, rent the villa on the property. It’s called “Le Mas des Sables” and can be rented through St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty . You’ll be able to see it in a way not many people can. 

Leave any questions in the comments or contact me directly!

Thanks to Joshua Hendricks for providing his Remix of Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country” as the fitting soundtrack for this video. Check out his music on Youtube

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A Dark Figure on Simpson Bay Beach

A photo at dusk on Simpson Bay beach in St. Maarten with a dark shadow outline of a human walking.


With all of this time spent in the house due to Covid-19, I have had time to go through old photos. Sometimes you find something that you don’t remember seeing at the time. It’s enough to creep you out. I remember taking this photo. I do not remember anyone the dark figure on Simpson Bay Beach with me. Maybe I was too busy looking at the sky. Or maybe I was distracted by the warms waves hitting my feet. But somehow I missed a human being. Or a ghost…Let’s not think about it.

I will often walk beaches alone while working in St. Martin. Whenever you see someone far away walking towards you, it gets a little strange. Like what is this person doing out here? What am I doing out here? They are probably just enjoying the same thing I am. Or are they crazy? Why would a crazy person be out here? But as you get closer there is always a wave and a nod. And all that overthinking is seen. Connecting with someone who was probably thinking about you in the same way. If at all.

We often forget, in our weird digital world, to say hi. Sometimes it can make a world of difference for someone. I know that while I am alone on the island, when a get a hello, it makes me feel seen. It allows me to make even the shortest connection with someone. Being alone all the time can be difficult so it’s nice just to hear someone else’s voice.

Feel free to give me a digital hi here or over on my instagram account!

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Baie Longue Beach, St. Martin | Drone Video

I filmed this drone video in 2017 while staying in the vacation rental Baie Longue Beach House in Terres Basses, St. Martin. This beach is absolutely spectacular, especially during the sunset hours. People very rarely go here since it’s mostly used for the residence, but if you get a chance, it’s a great place to take a long walk.

Filmed safely with the DJI Phantom 4.

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Cupecoy Cliffs in St. Maarten in November 2019

While staying at the Blue Residences in Cupecoy, St. Maarten, I decided to explore the cliffs across the street. I have always seen photos that people love taking inside this cave region but had never seen it in person.

Sadly, the water was way too rough to be able to explore enough to actually find the cave I was looking for, but hopefully, this will get you started on an adventure to find it for yourself.

Cupecoy Beach is a great spot to explore! It’s a nude beach though, so be aware of that before you head over there to make sure you’re comfortable with that. Also, be careful in this area. The beach can be very small at times with the water coming up and crashing against the rocks, as seen in this video.

Have you been to Cupecoy beach before? What’s your favorite thing about this region?

Video shot using the DJI Spark and Osmo Pocket.

Song: Thomas Gresen – Pretty Lies (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

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Sunset over Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Maarten-St. Martin

If anyone needs a self-help book cover, this one is for sale. 😆

The sunsets in St. Martin are always spectacular and no matter how many you see, you will always stop to look at the next one. This photo was taken on the dock at villa La Salamandre on the Simpson Bay Lagoon this past November. I am looking forward to coming back to St. Martin in 2020 to continue to experience all the changes being made. I wish everyone all the best as this decade comes to a close and hope the next is even better.

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Sunsets in St. Maarten


 I moved into a new property 6-bedroom vacation rental called La Salamandre which is located directly on the Simpson Bay Lagoon in Terres Basses. Right as I arrived, the sun started to set and naturally, I began taking photos. No matter how many sunsets you see in your life, you will always take a photo of it. I have been around so many locals on the island and they are still always blown away by every sunset even though they see them ALL THE TIME. No two are alike. Clouds are always different, colors vary from reds to purples to pinks. It’s incredible to watch how many people will stop to take photos of sunsets. And I’m all for it…because clearly, I couldn’t just take a photo of the sunset, but had to get my face in the action, too. The sunsets in St. Maarten|St. Martin are incredible.

Which spot is your favorite place to catch the sunset?

For me, it’s either Dany’s Beach Bar if I want to be around a bunch of people while drinking a beer, or if I want to feel romantic, I’ll take myself to Plum Baie.

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Drone Over Baie Longue Beach, St. Martin

We’re soaring…flying… I flew all over Terres Basses so apologies to anyone below who was bothered by my buzzing from above for those few seconds. But wasn’t it worth it for this picture of Baie Longue? I mean…come on…look at those blues and the boat off in the distance to put perspective into how long Baie Longue Beach actually is!

Today also brought sporadic rain which you could never have guessed by this picture. I enjoy a little rain in the Caribbean every now and then (except for when I’m flying or on the beach, of course.) Sometimes you look out into the ocean and see blue skies while rain is just pouring bucks above you. It’s actually beautiful at times. Now, obviously, no one wants it to rain on their vacation, but let’s just be happy it happens every now and then so the island can look as gorgeous and green as it does right now. Most of the time it passes in a few minutes.

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The “Friendly” People in St. Maarten | St. Martin

The People

This island is not just beautiful beaches and great restaurants. What really makes this place so special is the people who live and travel here. If you ever meet someone in your life who is in love with this island, it really puts a bond between you. This was one of those moments… @mommamarc1 and I have interacted on social media for a long time and it just so happened we were going to be on the island over the same days. I had so much fun meeting up with her and her group for sunset drinks at Dany’s Beach Bar, then we watched the Patriots game and even went out to dinner to close out the night. This is what makes St. Maarten|St. Martin special. It’s the people and the vibe of this island.

I came to this island 5 years ago for work and knew nothing about it. I never thought I’d be where I am today. It was the people who made me start talking on social media about this place. It was the friends I’ve made along the way. If you respect and show love for this island, it will love you right back. St. Maarten people are some of the strangest and loveliest people I have ever met and I couldn’t be happier to call myself one.

And to @mommamarc1 , thank you. I’m so happy to have finally met face to face.

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Cupecoy Beach in St. Maarten disappears sometimes.

While on a jetski tour around the island, as we flew past Cupecoy I noticed a large cave where I believe is the spot where Instagramers love to take photos of their bikini butts at the entrance of the cave with the ocean in front of them. So I thought to myself “I gotta get a picture of my Budgy Butt in that same spot.” I thought many people might want to know where this cave is and I should film a video to show them! So I put on my @budgysmuggler , packed up my camera equipment, and headed to Cupecoy Beach. I started filming my exploration of trying to find the cave. Is it this stairwell? Nope. Maybe the next…welp, can’t film here….there’s a nude guy on the rocks. Suddenly, I hear waves crashing…hard. Something I hadn’t really witnessed in this spot. So I looked down at the ocean near where I had a feeling that cave was and it was WAVE CITY. I suddenly realized, my budgy butt was not getting that pic today. But I made the best of it and got video footage of the waves. It was so beautiful. So just remember, sometimes your plans when on vacation don’t work out, but try to get over it fast and see what else around you might also be an incredible experience. Just keep your eyes away from the naked guy on the rocks…