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Sunsets in St. Maarten


 I moved into a new property 6-bedroom vacation rental called La Salamandre which is located directly on the Simpson Bay Lagoon in Terres Basses. Right as I arrived, the sun started to set and naturally, I began taking photos. No matter how many sunsets you see in your life, you will always take a photo of it. I have been around so many locals on the island and they are still always blown away by every sunset even though they see them ALL THE TIME. No two are alike. Clouds are always different, colors vary from reds to purples to pinks. It’s incredible to watch how many people will stop to take photos of sunsets. And I’m all for it…because clearly, I couldn’t just take a photo of the sunset, but had to get my face in the action, too. The sunsets in St. Maarten|St. Martin are incredible.

Which spot is your favorite place to catch the sunset?

For me, it’s either Dany’s Beach Bar if I want to be around a bunch of people while drinking a beer, or if I want to feel romantic, I’ll take myself to Plum Baie.

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