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Many people want to “share” my photos or videos on their social media. This is a way of using my content while supporting me to continue to make more. If you purchase one of my photos or videos, there is no need for “tagging” (although it’s still appreciated)

Purchase products to support Phil Phriday while displaying your love of St. Martin!

I’ve designed products for you to purchase here to display your love of St. Martin! (in return you’re also displaying your love of my work! And that’s means the world to me)

My name is Phil and I love all things St. Martin.

I have been traveling to the island for 6+ years and always bring my drone. I appreciate all the support and hope you will enjoy some of these custom-designed products featuring my photographs. Follow me on Instagram and let me know if you want any of my content on a product! I’ll customize it just for you.