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School of Rock – Closing Soon


Last night I went to see the musical “School of Rock” for the first time. The show is closing soon, so when I won the lottery for this, I was pretty excited.

SIDE TIP: Enter the lottery for shows on rainy days. Your chances increase greatly.

I have very mixed feelings about these kinds of shows because I do fear that Broadway is turning into a Theme Park entertainment capital. With more and more shows like Frozen, Sponge Bob and Mean Girls appearing, it’s really losing its edge. However, I know in this day and age, in order to put people in the seats they need to be entertained and not always looking for anything deep or emotional.

School of Rock was not deep or emotional. It was pure entertainment. The one really nice quality was the original music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. At least this wasn’t another jukebox show.


Before the show, they let the audience know the kids on stage are really playing the instruments. This is amazing! The kids are so talented and seeing these tiny bodies playing giant guitars is absolutely hilarious and blows your mind.

I was turned off a little by the production value and sound quality. If I am going to see a show with the word “Rock” in it, I expect to be blown away by the music and speakers. I actually felt like there was no surround sound in this theater. All the music and sound felt like it was being pushed at me from the front. It took away some engagement causing it to take me longer to get into the show. The actors had to work even harder to get the audience to “rock out” with them.

The theater and stage should have been a little more decorated. If you are going to do a show that is not emotional or deep and clearly pushes the “entertainment” then you need to go all out. One thing that Spongebob did brilliantly was redesigned the entire theater. When you walk into that theater, you enter the Spongebob world before the show even begins. Had “School of Rock” given me a sense of walking into a “Rock Show” before sitting down, I could have felt more engaged before the curtain raised. img_1464.jpg

Overall, the show was great. It was entertaining, fun, energetic and totally worth the $39 I paid from winning the lottery. I am thankful for shows like this because I know had I seen it when I was a young child, I would have told my parents I want to do theater so I could be in a show like this. I would have been jealous of every child on that stage. So for this reason, I am happy “School of Rock” exists. It is bringing children to the light of the theater. I just wish there were more shows that kids could see that had a little more depth to them and weren’t just pure entertainment.

Not to sound like an old man, but in my day, I fell in love with musicals like Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, and Rent. It’s time we get children to understand the power of the stage and not just provide them with theme park entertainment.

“School of Rock” closes on January 20, 2019. To enter the lottery for this show CLICK HERE

What were some shows that made you first fall in love with the theater? Comment Below.

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