Playing golf at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica

On my recent work trip to film a house in the gated community of Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, I had the absolute pleasure of getting a chance to play the Four Season’s golf course. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and after viewing it by drone, I realized it was going to be an insane experience and I would probably lose a lot of golf balls. Well, one of those two things was true.

Upon arrival to the course, I was greeted by a concierge and directed to the temporary pro-shop. The main pro shop is currently under construction. The staff was super friendly and eager to help. Probably because this was the low season and only a few groups were on the course. Either way, I was enjoying all the attention. I had a 2pm tee-time which included clubs and shoes. A nice touch since I had not traveled with my clubs. Cart, clubs, and shoes came to $180 for 18 holes. A little pricey, but for this course, it was going to be worth it.


The rental clubs were not amazing, but I have had far worse. 14 clubs, nice towels, tees were provided and a bucket of range balls.

To get to the first hole from the clubhouse is about a 4-minute ride through the woods, which was much more fun than it sounds. The attendant said it was to “give people a tour of the jungle before playing.”


The driving range was a nice, uphill range with markers to get a good idea of how these rental clubs hit and their length. As if that was going to increase my score.

I was greeted by the starter who gave me a handful of plastic tees and told me that if I was going to take pictures, the best place to stop was the woman’s tee on the 3rd hole. He was absolutely right. This spot had the best view because you could see both sides of the peninsula. It was clearly the hot spot, because when I tee’d off a tour group came up behind me to stop for pictures as well. Here’s the view…


The course itself is really fun! If you are playing poorly, it’s not the courses fault, but completely your own. The fairways are wide open with numerous traps throughout them. But if you can keep the ball straight and don’t fall for all the traps or go too big, you can be quite successful here. After using the driver on the front 9 a few times I quickly realized that I would be better off hitting the 3-wood for accuracy. This led to a lot less balls in the woods and sand traps.


The quality of the course was very well maintained. Fairways were beautiful, greens were kept nice and clean although a little slower than I’m used to. But, I tend to find myself at courses with terrible conditions so maybe this is what most people play like.

Overall, this course was absolutely fantastic. I may not have played my best (shot a 94) but I left super happy to have just had a chance to play somewhere so spectacular. There aren’t many courses like this and if you get a chance to play it, take it. You won’t regret spending the money on it.

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