How to get to Lover’s Beach, St. Martin – Secret Beach for two

I heard rumors of a beach in St. Martin called Lover’s Beach. I have been checking off my list of all 37 beaches located on this tiny island in the Caribbean, so when I heard about this beach from one of my followers (Thanks, Paul!) I knew I had to explore it and let people know exactly where it is. There have been a few blogs written about it and they all do a solid job of finding it, but I wanted to take this to the next level.

Driving around Havana, Cuba in a 1950’s car!

If there is one experience to do in Cuba in your lifetime, it’s to get a ride around the city in a classic 1950’s car! It’s a beautiful experience and an incredible way to see the city. Walking up to a row full of these colorful cars is a once in a lifetime experience. Although, I’ve now done it twice… 🙂 Absolutely ride down the El Malecon and see the stunning views.

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