Off the Beaten Path in St. martin – Le Belle Creole

Beach at Le Belle Creole in St. Martin shot by drone

If you’re looking for a spot that is off the beaten path in St. Martin and is tourist-free? Then try the little beach area by La Belle Creole near Terres Basses. The water here isn’t exactly the best place to swim with the strong currents and plenty of seaweed, but it’s a great place to layout on the sand. You may even spot a few stingrays swimming around (another reason to be cautious in this water). But it’s a great spot for a little adventure and a change of scenery.


You can even explore the old haunted abandoned resort called Le Belle Creole, if you’re into that kind of thing. This was a resort that was completely damaged after two hurricanes knocked it out. The land is said to be haunted and cursed which is why it hasn’t been able to survive. But it could also be that it’s location is a tough spot for terrible weather.

Here’s a video I shot of the damaged and abandoned resort. This gives you an idea of what this resort once looked like.

Off the beaten path in St. Martin

Overall this may not be the spot for you if you’re only on the island for a few days and just want tropical vibes, beach chairs, and easily accessible drinks and food, but if you feel like seeing a new area and exploring a little, I would recommend spending some time out there. One thing I try to remind people is that St. Martin is more than just beaches and bars. There is an entire community of people who call it their home. Many times tourist only see these island in the Caribbean as their playground, but there is a rich history on all of them. Le Belle Creole is one of the many off the beaten path in St. Martin spots.

What are your favorite off the beaten path spots in St. Martin?

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