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North Shore Roast Beef

If there is one food I never pass on when I’m traveling to the North Shore of Massachusetts, it’s ROAST BEEF. Now, this isn’t what most of you think of when it comes to roast beef. (Don’t you dare say that one company that starts with ‘A’…) This is a very difficult to explain sandwich that you won’t understand until you have had it. So if you find yourself north of Boston, look for a sign on any store that says “Famous Roast Beef” order it with extra sauce and travel into food heaven.

My top choices for Roast Beef are as follows… (in no particular order because I just don’t think I can say a favorite)

Nick’s Famous Roast Beef – North Beverly, MA

First thing, do not google “Nick’s Roast Beef Tax Evasion.” I said don’t! This beef place was recently reviewed by Dave Portnoy at Barstool Sports.

Harrison’s Roast Beef – North Andover, MA

I’m in this area a lot, so Harrison’s has been my go-to. Get it with one of their Sasparillas and a side of onion rings and fries. You’ve earned it.


Village Roast Beef & Seafood – Marblehead, MA

This is the beef I am eating in the above video. It was my first time here and I plan on going back next time I am in town. They really listened to me when I said “Extra Sauce.”

How to order beef?

Many people play with toppings like cheese and mayo. I am a beef guy. So for me, it’s Super (size) Beef with extra sauce. And that’s it! The supersize should come on an onion roll. If not, getta outta there!

So, would you try one of these famous roast beef sandwiches? Do you think you have something similar in your neighborhood? Let me know!


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