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My love of Budgy Smuggler

Here is the story of where my love of Budgy Smugglers started…the year was 2006. Youtube was a year old and I had been posting many of my videos from college on it. One was a video of my buddy Steveo wearing tight swim briefs and dancing.

I received a private message from another Youtube channel called Budgy Smuggler. The name alone made me laugh and I was very intrigued. They were asking if I would change the title on the video to include the word “Budgy Smuggler” and in return they would send me two of their swimsuits all the way from Australia. It was my first experience having a company interested in something I had filmed. I have been following this company ever since and have loved their style and fun marketing. So the day finally came when I found myself in Sydney. I had to stop by their Flagship Store in Manly and it was a full circle moment. I had so much fun and of course, walked away with two bags full of product.



So thank you @budgysmuggler for reaching out to me back in 2006. You’ve got a Budgy supporter for life.



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