La Villa Hibiscus in St. Martin

La Villa Hibiscus ( @lavillahibiscus ) is one of the most magical and special events I have ever experienced in St. Martin. I call it an event instead of a restaurant because it’s also a show and you’re watching and experiencing it at the highest level.

Arriving at La Villa Hibiscus

When you first arrive, you are welcomed at the door and invited into a home. You are given a space to relax, have a drink and enjoy the incredible view from a high peak in Pic Paradis. You are free to roam. Walk into the living room and see the wall of spices and seasonings, walk directly into the kitchen if you please. I refused to do this because it feels like you’re entering the dressing room before a Broadway show. The creators are focused and preparing for the next few hours of magic. I did not want to interrupt that process.

When you are ready, take your seat at the table. There is limited seating and it feels incredibly private. You won’t even remember anyone else is there. When you sit, that is notifying the kitchen you’re ready to start your courses.

The menu. You have your choice of a 5, 6, or 7-course meal. Prior to arrival, you have made your choice and provided your dietary restrictions. The menu has been built just for you. You have no idea what’s on it so with every course that arrives you are surprised and excited.

tiny dish with smaller food
fish on a stylish plate

The Chefs at La Villa Hibiscus

The chefs are in the kitchen, with stoic faces. They take this seriously and it’s fascinating to watch through the open window. Every course that comes out has a flavor on it I have never experienced. Each one is more interesting and exciting than the last.

3 chefs working in a kitchen

One of a kind desserts

yellow orb dessert

For dessert, one of the guests with me had a dietary restriction so they had a 100% custom dessert created just for them. It’s a yellow globe that looks so pretty you don’t even want to break into it. “It’s so nice to have my dietary restriction allow me to feel special,” they say.

This experience was mind-blowing. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever had before. When the show was over, the chefs came off their stage with smiling faces. You feel the desire to stand up and applaud.

La Villa Hibiscus is an absolute must. It’s the most unique experience not only in SXM but anywhere.

La Villa Hibiscus Location

While the road can be quite steep, we promise you it will be worth finding.  Just follow the road for Lotterie Farm and keep going up the hill. You will eventually see a sign that says “La Villa Hibisus ahead!” and it will be just a little ways further on your left. 

Make a Reservation at La Villa Hibiscus

To make a reservation at La Villa Hibiscus and to find out more information visit their website


Chef Bastian and his wife, Sabine, invite you to discover their gastronomic tables.
Open every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, and for lunch from Tuesday to Thursday, they are available only by reservation.

Bastian was trained in the best French starred restaurants (Joel Robuchon **, Anne Sophie Pic ***)

The concept is original and unique!

In the evening , we offer at the time of booking, the choice between 3 menus:
Discovery Menu at 100 € / person (excluding drinks)
Gourmet Menu at 150 € / person (excluding drinks)
Prestige Menu at 200 € / person (excluding drinks)

These are gourmet menus in 5, 6 or 7 courses.

At noon , we offer on reservation 1 menu Starter, Main Course, Dessert at 60 € (excluding drinks).

We then ask our customers to list us allergies, intolerances and unwanted foods.

The chef then establishes a personalized menu based on this list, arrivals, seasons and his inspiration. The menus vary from table to table and our customers discover their menu upon arrival.

It is a refined cuisine to be enjoyed in an exclusive and intimate setting. The chef works with exceptional seasonal fresh products that match a selection of prestigious wines from our cellar.

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