La Belle Creole – Abandoned and destroyed resort in St. Martin

La Belle Creole was once a beautiful resort on the island of St. Martin, but after Hurricane Luis destroyed it, the property has remained abandoned ever since. The land is currently for sale and could become the next big Caribbean resort.

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This location is really fascinating to walk through. Years of neglect are easy to see with all the graffiti and collapsed roofs and walls. If you look closely though, you can see the areas where happy guests would meet up, have dinners, swim by the pool and enjoy the beaches. The property is for sale and hopefully we will see it brought back to life.


Offering both expansive and secluded beautiful white sand beaches, partially hidden from view today by a mat of sea grape vines and over-grown foliage, the property features ocean frontage on three sides. A series of private swimming lagoons protected and continually replenished by the sea over a natural rock breakwater, as well as the adjacent NoNo Island, are unique features of this spectacular property.

Price:To be determined by market (rumored at $35 mil)
Address:Cadastre AB 28 32 83, St. Martin, French West Indies
Property Use:Five-Star Hotel and Residences, or All-Inclusive Resort
Property Size:26 Acres – 1,164,501 sq ft; (108225 sq mt)
Beach Area:190,000 sq ft Beach; 1,899 ft Ocean Frontage
Buildable:400,000 – 1,000,000 sq ft; (37,161 – 92,903 sq mt)
Zoning:U-6 Resort Hotel
Entitlements:Complete and Approved
Casino:Government Approved Site for Casino
Financing:French Bank Debt and Equity Financing Available
Insurance:Disaster Insurance by French Government
Existing Bldg:Structures to be demolished
SXM Airport:International Caribbean Hub – 15 minutes
Cruise Ships:(2) Ports: Marigot (French) Philipsburg (Dutch)
 NoNo Island: Day Use Administered by Hotel Owner
 Property Tax: No Tax Due until Property is Occupied

La Belle Creole is one of only two hotel development sites with direct ocean access available on the French side of St Martin. Its peninsula location is widely acknowledged as the superior site. The property is now entitled with appropriate zoning, all surveys, reports, and government approvals.

The current opportunity represents a blank canvas for a new hotel project, including a high-end residential component managed by the hotel if desired. The government has also identified the site for a possible Casino, should this component be important to the project developer. Unlike other Caribbean opportunities, this project can be delivered with an immediate path to all necessary entitlements and permits, including clear title without any debt or legal obligations. A complete due diligence package is available upon request.

Located in the most exclusive residential neighborhood of Les Terres Basses, on the French side of St. Martin in the French West Indies, and nestled in a stunning cove at the end of Baie Nettle, La Belle Creole Hotel awaits its rebirth.

Closed following a hurricane strike in 1995 and never reopened, the local French government understands the value of tourism and embraces its redevelopment. On island architect, Mauricio Lanari, is the local expert who knows the ins-and-outs of the property, island construction costs, the building permit process, and what can be built. We invite your tour and inspection!

The approximately 26-acre peninsula point was selected in the early 1980’s as the island’s premier resort location by Hilton Worldwide. The highly acclaimed five-star resort opened in 1985 and operated as a Conrad Hilton International Hotel. La Belle Creole was the pride of the island and featured 162 keys in 22 separate buildings totaling 190,000 square feet.

Offering both expansive and secluded beautiful white sand beaches, partially hidden from view today by a mat of sea grape vines and foliage, the property features ocean frontage on three sides. A series of private swimming lagoons protected and replenished by the sea over a natural rock breakwater, are a unique feature of the property.

Across the channel are offsite views of neighboring Anguilla.  The lively city of Marigot, Capital of St. Martin and home to numerous boutiques and fine restaurants, is in sight just across Nettle Bay. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, there is no shortage of shopping, nightlife, and things to do on St. Martin.

Adjacent to the property and less than 100 yards off shore, is 15-acre NoNo Island. Use of this property, owned by the French government, will be negotiated during the development plan approval process. Initial indications are that day-use of NoNo Island can be controlled by the hotel developer, and construction of non-permanent wood and canvas cabana-style structures will be permitted.

There is only one five-star hotel on the island. La Samanna, operated by Belmond (formerly Orient Express), and located on a beautiful beach in Terre Basses. However, the venerable hotel does not deliver the luxurious new style and room amenities prized by today’s discerning traveler. A reborn La Belle Creole, located just 5 minutes from La Samanna, can. Come for a visit, tour the island, walk our 26-acre peninsula and wander through the relic of the old hotel. Go for a swim. There is magic here for you to discover. Seeing is believing. Let your creative juices flow.


The subject property is a 26-acre secluded peninsula point located on Nettle Bay in Les Terres Basses. This world-renowned community on the French side of St. Martin includes palatial homes, and development opportunities, and is a playground for the rich and famous who are attracted to the exclusivity of the neighborhood. This world-renowned community on the French side of St. Martin includes palatial homes; one is owned and currently listed for sale by President Trump. The French side is recognized as a playground for the rich and famous who are attracted to the exclusivity of the neighborhood. 

The French Government has approved:

The property is primarily zoned U-6 (Resort Hotel), with some oceanfront portions N-2 (Non-Permanent Construction i.e. wood and canvas structures).  Zoning accommodates 400,000 square feet, consisting of a resort hotel with a 62’ height limit, including two-story oceanfront villas/suites approved for 10,000 sq ft/floor.  Development plans have been approved with up to 1 million square feet of buildable space, including 8-story towers.  A blank page exists for a quality resort/residential development of 400,000 to 1,000,000 square feet.

The French Government will consider, and during discussions with interested parties has been favorably inclined to:

Permit a casino at this site, if it is important to the Buyer.  This permit is subject to Government approval of the Buyer’s application.  There are no casinos on the French side, and 12 on the Dutch side of St Martin.  The Government has previously referenced LBC as 1 of 3 potential casino locations on the French side.

Permit the hotel owner/operator to control day use access to the adjacent NoNo Island and build non-permanent (wood, canvas) structures and a connecting trail, subject to the Government’s approval of specific development plans.

Permit the developer to rebuild the storm-damaged causeway connecting the mainland and NoNo island.

During the review of a previous development plan, the Government offered to dredge and build a protected sea turtle hatchery, reef fish sanctuary and snorkel trail in the property’s three protected salt-water lagoons.  We cannot guarantee this improvement will be available to all future applicants.

It is important to understand that building permits travel with the development project, not the property.  The government is extremely favorable to the commercial redevelopment of the former La Belle Creole Hotel.  They want to facilitate this project to provide more jobs and commerce  on the island.  Entitlements are in place.  Elevations and working drawings are required to receive the final building permit.

Qualified purchasers are invited to express indications of interest, which contain at a minimum, the following items:
  • Proceeds to the Principals to convey their interest in the property.
  • The envisioned hotel concept and appropriate background information (Renderings, program and other details requested, however not required).
  • Time frame for the proposed transaction with respect to Due Diligence and Closing.
  • Any known contingencies which may affect a closed transaction.

Have you visited La Belle Creole? Tell me about your experience in the comments.


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