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Huel – Ready To Go!

This past weekend I was in Las Vegas for a golf tournament and if you’re like me, you love finding ways to save money while in Vegas to reduce the pain from losing at the tables. So I knew just what I needed to pack!

I had ordered Huel Ready to Go when they were first having pre-sales but I wanted to find the best time to give it a try so I would be able to give a full response to my thoughts on it. I’ll save you some time in case you don’t want to read to the bottom…Huel Ready to Go is AMAZING and here’s why.

  2. PRICE


Huel Ready to go is perfect for being on the go, duh. The containers are solid and will not break in your bag. They are the perfect meal to go and travel well in any bag. I knew that I would be waking up early for the golf tournament and didn’t want to grab some fast food from the casino which would cost me $10 minimum. So I had one chilled and ready to go and would drink it while I was getting ready. I brought the second one in my golf bag, threw it in the cooler at the beginning of the round and by the back 9 instead of grabbing a hot dog or an expensive sandwich at the turn, I instead reached into the cooler on the cart and pulled out my second cold and ready to go, Huel. It was chilled on the ice and ready to drink while driving to the back 9. I didn’t even have to stop playing. By the end of the 10th tee, I would be finished and ready for the back 9 with a full stomach. It couldn’t be any easier!


So here is where many people might turn away. Each bottle is about $4. Seems a little steep, but when I consider the other options, it’s a huge money saving product. It completely fills me up and provides me with way more nutrients than a sandwich or burger ever could. So by spending $4 on the bottle of Huel I actually was able to keep that extra cash in my pocket, which I would later lose at the Craps table. At the moment, you are required to buy it in packs of 12, so the initial cost may seem steep, but you will still save so much money in the long run.


I was completely shocked by the smooth texture and incredibly tasty flavors. It comes in a Vanilla or Berry flavor. They are both very similar to a McDonalds MilkShake, but you know…healthy. They do leave a slight film in your mouth so it’s great to have a bottle of water nearby to clean your palate at the end. But that is a small price to pay for how good and nutritious Huel is. If you have enjoyed Huel at home and making it with the powder, this is VERY different but has hints of the same. When I make Powdered Huel, it always has a bit of an overnight oats type feel to it. But I don’t make it with a blender, so I never expect it to be very smooth. Huel Ready to Go is the opposite. It’s been blended to perfection! Oh, my…now I want one at this very moment…

Huel Ready to Go Calories

400 Calories per bottle. Now, I normally make my powdered Huel at 300 calories, because I’m not very active when I’m at home working. But I am completely happy they made this 400 calories for on the go because it normally means I’m on the move and probably need the extra energy.

So in conclusion, I would highly recommend drinking Huel Ready to Go! But first, try the powder at home. The powder is cheaper per serving and is thicker which makes it feel more like food and less like a drink. But I will always keep a cold Ready to Go in the fridge for those days when I’m on the go and the remaining case will be in my closet for when I travel to help save that extra cost on food when away from home.

Want to give Huel Ready to Go a try? Feel free to click here so you can have a discount and I can have a discount on my next order.

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    1. Aww, thanks! Normally, I just make myself giggle, so it’s nice to know someone else is out there laughing too. 🙂

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