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How to get to Lover’s Beach, St. Martin – Secret Beach for two

I heard rumors of a beach in St. Martin called Lover’s Beach. I have been checking off my list of all 37 beaches located on this tiny island in the Caribbean, so when I heard about this beach from one of my followers (Thanks, Paul!) I knew I had to explore it and let people know exactly where it is. There have been a few blogs written about it and they all do a solid job of finding it, but I wanted to take this to the next level. So without further ado…here’s how to get to Lover’s Beach, a beach for two, on the island of St. Martin|St. Maarten.

First, let’s point it out on a map…

Now let’s get into more detail about how to drive there.

First you are going to want to drive as if you are going to Friar’s Bay.
When you reach this bridge, turn left. DO NOT GO OVER THIS BRIDGE. It takes you to Friar’s Bay.
When you get to the end of this road, there will be this house on the left. Once you reach the house, take a RIGHT. DO NOT GO UP THE HILL.
Follow the road until you can’t go any further. You will pull up to a rock beach. There is plenty of space to park here.
Walk through the gate on your left. There you will find a path. Follow it for about 2-3 minutes.
This is about how far you want to go. About 2 minutes.
If you see this, you have GONE TOO FAR! Turn back around.
And you’ve made it to LOVER’S BEACH! I recommend bringing some beach chairs as the beach portion has become slightly smaller due to rocks falling onto it. You may not have the space to put a towel down. Enjoy this beach with your lover and leave it the way you found it. Clean and absolutely beautiful.

Do you know of any other hidden spots in St. Maarten|St. Martin? Tell us about them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How to get to Lover’s Beach, St. Martin – Secret Beach for two

  1. OMG Phil! Thank you! What a gem of a beach! I’m coming to St Martin June 18 and I’ll try to find it. You gave great directions. I’m so excited to finally come. Haven’t been since the .. you know.
    Looking forward to Happy Beach too.

    1. So happy to hear you are going back to the island! I have a video of myself going to Lover’s Beach that will be added to this blog tomorrow and will also be able to watch it on my Youtube and Facebook. Thanks for the comment! (I also have a Happy Bay Beach blog coming out soon!)

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