How to film Real Estate Videos for companies like Sotheby’s International Realty

In the following video, I discuss how I shoot videos for real estate agents while showing you a recent video I put together in under a few hours for a real estate agent in Swampscott, Ma (


What Order Do You Shoot in?

  1. Aerial – Show the broad location of the home
  2. Outside – Show the outside of the house. Treat it like a client would upon arrival.
  3. Front Door – Go through the front door. Establish what it would be like to walk in every day.
  4. Living Room – This is the area the clients want to picture themselves sitting in with guests.
  5. Dining Room – Clients like to think they will have lots of dinner parties. Would this be a spot they would want to have people sitting in?
  6. Kitchen – The #1 most used room in a house. Show off that kitchen!
  7. Bedrooms – Go into each bedroom.
  8. Bathrooms – Optional. Really make sure it’s a nice bathroom and try to avoid showing toilets.
  9. Outside – Go back outside to establish the video is coming to a close.
  10. Aerial – Re-establish the location of the home. This is how a client would leave as well.

What camera do you use?

Aerials – DJI Phantom 4

  1. Shoot in 1080 at 60fps – This allows you to slow down the footage if needed without it losing quality.
  2. Unless requested, 4K is never needed. Always ask the client where the video will be seen. Most likely they are just putting it online and no one really needs 4K. Editing 4K is very difficult unless you have a computer that can handle it quickly.
  3. You MUST carry your Drone License in order to be PAID to fly your drone.

Internals/Groundwork – DJI Osmo+

  1. 1080 at 60fps – This allows you to slow it down providing a very smooth shot.

Editing Process?

I use Adobe Premiere Pro for all my editing. But you could probably pull it off using iMovie. If you shoot the video in the order from above, it will make editing that much faster.


Take advantage of Youtube’s Audio Library with songs that don’t require any credits. This will allow the video to not get flagged anywhere. DO NOT USE SONGS YOU HEAR ON THE RADIO BY POPULAR MUSICIANS

If you want to spend a little money on better music, try Audio Jungle.

And if you want to spend a little more for original music, contact Joshua Hendricks (, @joshuahendricksmusic)

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