Hotel Luna Mystica - Vintage Trailer Hotel - Evening hour photo of the pink trailer named Louise

Hotel Luna Mystica – Vintage Trailer Hotel

While planning a drive from Texas to Colorado, we knew we would need a place to sleep for a night to break up the drive. This is where Hotel Luna Mystica was found. “Hotel Luna Mystica is a vintage trailer hotel and starlight campground in the vast Mesa of Taos, one of the most mystical locations on the planet.”

One of a kind Airbnb

This was one of the wildest and exciting Airbnb spots we have stayed in so far. We chose the 1967 Avion Tourist, wonderfully named “Louise” for its private spot and unobstructed view. On the website, , you can read all about the trailer you are staying in. Ours had a sister trailer named Thelma, obviously. This trailer hailed from the Texas Gulf. After a stint at a hippie commune in central Colorado, the sisters found their way to Luna Mystica.

The Amenities at the Louise Trailer

This trailer was spotless and updated in a beautiful design with all the amenities you would need…AC, shower, bathroom, refrigerator, outlets, microwave, sink, and an extremity comfortable bed. The view was wild. It looked out over the Mesa. We spent much of our time just watching the creatures running around and even enjoyed the few moments when a small plane would fly above us to land across the street at the Taos Airport. We built a fire, ate smores, sipped on whiskey, and got the much-needed relaxation we craved. Make your way to this incredible experience. It was everything I expected and more.

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