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Haunted Abandoned Hotel in St. Martin – Le Belle Creole

In 1964 a hotelier, Claudius Charles Philippe, wanted to build a luxury resort called La Belle Créole. It was to be built using all the best materials and high-end luxuries. He purchased this 300 acres piece of land in Nettle Bay, St. Martin, and began the project. Each room was to have stunning views and the bathrooms would have intricate tile work. There would be a casino, nightclub, and luxury boutiques. It was going to be THE place to be.


Unfortunately, in 1969 all the funds for the project dried up and the hotel project laid dormant for many years. La Belle Créole gained a new project owner and the hotel was opened in 1988 on a much-reduced scale. From 300 acres to 25.


In 1995 Hurricane Luis passed directly over Saint Martin and massively damaged the Hotel. It never reopened.


Local legend says that the land where the hotel was built is on a cemetery of indigenous Arawaks people. Some people believe this has cursed the land…and others believe it’s haunted.


Hey Hollywood, I think we just found your next location for a future horror film.

Video and photos shot on DJI Phantom 4. Music by @joshuahendricksmusic

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