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Flying a drone over Terres Basses, St. Martin

I put a cut together of some of my drone video from Terres Basses, a residential community on the French Side with numerous beaches like Baie Lounge, Baie Rouge and Plum Baie.

Baie Longue is best to be reached from inside the gated community. It’s a gorgeous beach with plenty of space to take long walks. The water is pretty easy to swim in and you will find this beach to be fairly empty most of┬áthe time due to it being in front of residential homes. Have no fear though, you won’t find any “private” beaches in St. Martin. So feel free to explore the beach!

Plum Baie is a smaller section of the beach and can also be entered through the community. Here you will often find surfing happening on the north side near the entrance. It’s a nice little beach and is the best spot to catch the sunset!

Baie Rouge is the easiest beach to access and has a large parking lot off the main road. The sand here is deep and soft. This long beach has plenty of space to spread out, but you’ll find most people don’t go too far from the parking lot entrance. It’s a great spot to catch some sun and the water is easy for swimming.

Terres Basses is home to many private villas that can be rented out for your vacation. While you won’t find any restaurants or activities in this area, it’s just a short drive away from Cupecoy or Marigot. It’s a great spot for those looking to be left alone in their villa and have the option to walk down to a quiet beach for when swimming in the pool isn’t quite enough for you.

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