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Ecume des Jours – Beachfront Villa in St. Martin

Video I shot and edited for St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty

I had such a blast shooting this beachfront villa in Terres Basses, St. Martin called Ecume des Jours. It has been completely re-done since Hurricane Irma and was given some much needed new styling. If you’re looking for an insanely private vacation, this is the perfect villa for you. It’s rare that anyone walks by the house in this location on the beach.

With the release this property video, I thought I would share some of the aerial photos I took at the same time. This property took some damage during the hurricane and has since come back with a vengeance! They restructured the rooms and gave it a fresh new look. The privacy here is amazing due to the location being at the end of two different beaches. So basically, people don’t walk by all that often. I love the ability to swim in the pool while hearing the ocean as well as be able to go back and forth easily.
I really love this house. It’s obviously in a great location and is the perfect size for you and 7 of your friends. (Ha…like any of us have 7 friends…) Any questions? DM or throw em in the comments.

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