Drone Over Baie Longue Beach, St. Martin

We’re soaring…flying… I flew all over Terres Basses so apologies to anyone below who was bothered by my buzzing from above for those few seconds. But wasn’t it worth it for this picture of Baie Longue? I mean…come on…look at those blues and the boat off in the distance to put perspective into how long Baie Longue Beach actually is!

Today also brought sporadic rain which you could never have guessed by this picture. I enjoy a little rain in the Caribbean every now and then (except for when I’m flying or on the beach, of course.) Sometimes you look out into the ocean and see blue skies while rain is just pouring bucks above you. It’s actually beautiful at times. Now, obviously, no one wants it to rain on their vacation, but let’s just be happy it happens every now and then so the island can look as gorgeous and green as it does right now. Most of the time it passes in a few minutes.

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