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Driving around Havana, Cuba in a 1950’s car!

If there is one experience to do in Cuba in your lifetime, it’s to get a ride around the city in a classic 1950’s car! It’s a beautiful experience and an incredible way to see the city. Walking up to a row full of these colorful cars is a once in a lifetime experience. Although, I’ve now done it twice… 🙂 Absolutely ride down the El Malecon and see the stunning views.

If you find yourself in Cuba and are wanting to take a ride in one of these cars here is what I learned…

They are easy to find. You will see a row of them with a bunch of drivers standing by. They will ask if you want a ride. Before going up to them, know where you want to go. Decide what price is good for you. For a ride around the city, you will find $10-15 is fair. One way I avoided the awkward back and forth with a driver is by offering the price I want rather then asking them “How much?” There really shouldn’t be much back and forth, but just know there is no set pricing on this.

You’ll absolutely want a convertible. It’s the only way to really see the sites! But you will also want a hat or pounds of sunscreen because it will get very hot, very fast!

You can talk to the drivers! The majority will speak english and are actually very knowledgable. These drivers make very good money doing what they do. Many of them were previously doctors, lawyers or professors who have found they can make much more money driving a car around. It’s a sad fact, but still a fact. So talk to them and ask them about their lives in Havana! You never know what you might learn.

Make sure you go towards the Capitol building. You may recognize it! Looks exactly like the one we have in Washington, DC. And yes, that is on purpose. So go check it out!

Overall, Cuba is not for everyone. It’s a hurting city and it shows. Don’t let the beauty of the cars fake you into thinking this is a resort like community. If you have any questions about traveling to Cuba, feel free to contact me directly!

Have you been to Cuba? Tell us about you experience in the comments!

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