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Using Drone Auto Pilot Mode


I travel alone…a lot. This can be tough. I will see a shot and wish I could be in it. Because who doesn’t like seeing themselves at the location they are in?

Villa Cielomar in Costa Rica

I was in Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica. My job had brought me to Villa CieloMar. This beautiful property had an incredible view. It cost more to be there for a week than I make in a year. I had finished up filming and realized I wanted a shot of myself. The architect had created that walkway for a reason.

Using DJI Phantom Waypoints

I was flying with the DJI Phantom 4. One incredible feature it has is fly via waypoints. What this does is use the GPS system to mark points on the map. You say which points to go to and in what order. Warning: It can eat up battery power since you need to fly the route to set the points. So it’s something to plan out prior to taking flight.

Have you used the auto pilot features on your drone? Which ones do you like using most?

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Villa Manzu in Costa Rica

This property has hosted a few unknown celebrities in the past… (The Kardashians, Zac Efron, Katy Perry and this up and coming new musical artist, I believe her name is Beyonce…) Looking to live a life of luxury for your next vacation? Then check out @villamanzucr . I took this photo while I was in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica. While there I played golf at the Four Seasons, ate incredible food made by a private chef and chased a lot of monkeys around in a golf cart. It’s a beautiful jungle-esque region that was absolutely spectacular.
When people ask me if I have been to Costa Rica I say “Yes & No.” Have I been in the country? Yes. Have I experienced Costa Rica..No. I was staying in a gated community the entire time and did not get an idea of what the local people are like. I was there to work, so I didn’t have the chance to really see all the beauty that Costa Rica offers. I got a small taste of the country but it was enough to know I must go back.

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Drone over Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

I’ll be honest, Costa Rica hasn’t really been on my radar before I went there last summer. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, it’s that I didn’t have any information about it. And, to continue on this honesty train, I still don’t know much about Costa Rica itself and didn’t experience a “true Costa Rica” but I did get to spend a few days on Peninsula Papagayo, which is a gated area of Costa Rica and popular among the wealthy traveler, and this area I can say is absolutely beautiful.

Peninsula Papagayo is Central America’s first environmentally friendly luxury resort and real estate project. It is located in the hills of the peninsula as a collection of estate homes. Residential opportunities include in the first phase of Peninsula Papagayo real estate are custom private estates, oceanfront and ocean view home sites, and luxury condominiums and villas. The Four Seasons Resort offers its own area of private estates and private villas. Each private estate owner can access the benefits of the Four Seasons Resort, such as housekeeping, room service, access to the Arnold Palmer Golf Course, the hotel spa, as well as pool and gym access. There are also condominiums called Las Terrazas which is a new development in the area and overlook the fairways of the Arnold Palmer Golf Course as well as the Bahia de Culebra. Another residential opportunity is the beachfront estates at Playa Prieta, the only beachfront option for housing on the peninsula 15-mile coastline. Real Estate sales are handled through an office at the Four Seasons Costa Rica and may be contacted through the Peninsula Papagayo website.

I traveled to Peninsula Papagayo to shoot promotional footage for an ultra-luxury villa called CieloMar. The following videos were shot by myself.

Take a walk through this incredible villa and see all it has to offer.

Included in your stay at the villa is the ability to access the Four Seasons Ocean Golf course designed by Arnold Palmer.

This location is a jungle paradise and one I hope to return to very soon.

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Look inside this Luxury Vacation Rental in Costa Rica

I recently spent a few days in a luxury villa in Costa Rica called “CieloMar” and wanted to give you all a tour of the inside of it. This luxury 6 bedroom, 8 bath home can be rented through It’s located in Peninsula Papagayo directly on the Four Seasons Ocean Golf Club. Guests have access to the Prieta Beach Club which is a 5-min golf cart ride from the villa. This vacation rental comes with a staff including a private chef. A gym and entertainment center make this place the full package.

All footage shot by me using a DJI Phantom 4, DJI Spark and iPhone X.

Opening Credits Created by Bert Brown
Background Music by Joshua Hendricks (
Theme Song by Red Abbott

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Playing golf at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica

On my recent work trip to film a house in the gated community of Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica, I had the absolute pleasure of getting a chance to play the Four Season’s golf course. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and after viewing it by drone, I realized it was going to be an insane experience and I would probably lose a lot of golf balls. Well, one of those two things was true.

Upon arrival to the course, I was greeted by a concierge and directed to the temporary pro-shop. The main pro shop is currently under construction. The staff was super friendly and eager to help. Probably because this was the low season and only a few groups were on the course. Either way, I was enjoying all the attention. I had a 2pm tee-time which included clubs and shoes. A nice touch since I had not traveled with my clubs. Cart, clubs, and shoes came to $180 for 18 holes. A little pricey, but for this course, it was going to be worth it.


The rental clubs were not amazing, but I have had far worse. 14 clubs, nice towels, tees were provided and a bucket of range balls.

To get to the first hole from the clubhouse is about a 4-minute ride through the woods, which was much more fun than it sounds. The attendant said it was to “give people a tour of the jungle before playing.”


The driving range was a nice, uphill range with markers to get a good idea of how these rental clubs hit and their length. As if that was going to increase my score.

I was greeted by the starter who gave me a handful of plastic tees and told me that if I was going to take pictures, the best place to stop was the woman’s tee on the 3rd hole. He was absolutely right. This spot had the best view because you could see both sides of the peninsula. It was clearly the hot spot, because when I tee’d off a tour group came up behind me to stop for pictures as well. Here’s the view…


The course itself is really fun! If you are playing poorly, it’s not the courses fault, but completely your own. The fairways are wide open with numerous traps throughout them. But if you can keep the ball straight and don’t fall for all the traps or go too big, you can be quite successful here. After using the driver on the front 9 a few times I quickly realized that I would be better off hitting the 3-wood for accuracy. This led to a lot less balls in the woods and sand traps.


The quality of the course was very well maintained. Fairways were beautiful, greens were kept nice and clean although a little slower than I’m used to. But, I tend to find myself at courses with terrible conditions so maybe this is what most people play like.

Overall, this course was absolutely fantastic. I may not have played my best (shot a 94) but I left super happy to have just had a chance to play somewhere so spectacular. There aren’t many courses like this and if you get a chance to play it, take it. You won’t regret spending the money on it.