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Breakfast in St. Maarten

The best part of waking up… I’m not a morning person. I sleep in a pitch-black room with the AC turned down low and in the mornings I’m a zombie. It takes me forever to get out of bed. But I will say, when you pass through the doors to the island life, it will wake you right up! The ocean air coming through, the bright sun hitting your face and coffee…lots of coffee…
One of my favorites has to be Karakter Restuarant in Simpson Bay. It’s directly on the beach and has an absolutely lovely environment. I love listening to the waves crash, looking out into the ocean all while sipping on my coffee and chowing down on a classic egg breakfast with bacon and potatoes. The food here is great for breakfast. It’s wonderful portions and taste incredible.

What’s your favorite breakfast spot on the island of St. Maarten | St. Martin?

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