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Baie Nettle, St. Martin, F.W.I.

I took this photo of Baie Nettle in November 2019. One of the best parts about flying a drone around St. Martin is getting an idea of the layout of the island. I love being able to see from the ocean over Simpson Bay lagoon and all the way across to the ocean on the other side. Do you have a favorite spot in Baie Nettle?

2 thoughts on “Baie Nettle, St. Martin, F.W.I.

  1. Hi Phil,
    Love the image of Baie Nettle.
    My favorite place WAS La Belle Creole! That was a long time ago.
    But the Baie Nettle Beach Club was beautiful!!

    1. I wish I could have seen La Belle Creole when it was open!

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