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An easy day trip to get out of New York City – Cold Spring, NY

I love living in NYC, but every now and then I NEED to get out of it. We did research trying to figure out a nice day trip out of the city. One where we could take the train, spend a few hours there and come back at a decent hour. We started by looking to see where the Metro North goes. Looked at all the stops along the way and then researched the town. We landed on Cold Spring, NY. The town looked quaint – an hour train ride – $30 round trip, and had antique stores. Many, many, antique stores. Perfect. And what’s this? A bar that’s also a barber right when I need a haircut? Barber and Brew NY… Perfect.

We got off the train and walked towards the Hudson River first. It was an icy tundra. It was the perfect day and the temp wasn’t too low. We then walked down the main street. Stopped in at a few of those antique stores/thrift stores and questioned whether or not we should buy the old wooden nightstand. How would we get it back? That solves our problem.

After lunch at Hudson Hil cafe, where the pancakes were fluffy and oh so tasty, we went to get a few beers and a haircut. Something I’ve never said next to each other. Awesome brews, awesome cut, awesome experience. A few more shops and a slice of “not NYC” pizza and we were on our way home.

Have you explored some towns outside of NYC? Which places do you recommend?

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