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A Dark Figure on Simpson Bay Beach

A photo at dusk on Simpson Bay beach in St. Maarten with a dark shadow outline of a human walking.


With all of this time spent in the house due to Covid-19, I have had time to go through old photos. Sometimes you find something that you don’t remember seeing at the time. It’s enough to creep you out. I remember taking this photo. I do not remember anyone the dark figure on Simpson Bay Beach with me. Maybe I was too busy looking at the sky. Or maybe I was distracted by the warms waves hitting my feet. But somehow I missed a human being. Or a ghost…Let’s not think about it.

I will often walk beaches alone while working in St. Martin. Whenever you see someone far away walking towards you, it gets a little strange. Like what is this person doing out here? What am I doing out here? They are probably just enjoying the same thing I am. Or are they crazy? Why would a crazy person be out here? But as you get closer there is always a wave and a nod. And all that overthinking is seen. Connecting with someone who was probably thinking about you in the same way. If at all.

We often forget, in our weird digital world, to say hi. Sometimes it can make a world of difference for someone. I know that while I am alone on the island, when a get a hello, it makes me feel seen. It allows me to make even the shortest connection with someone. Being alone all the time can be difficult so it’s nice just to hear someone else’s voice.

Feel free to give me a digital hi here or over on my instagram account!

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