ST MARTIN | ST MAARTEN after HURRICANE IRMA: Update December 2018!


Let’s start at the airport. nothing much has changed here since June. You’re still gonna get off the plane directly and walk right up to the tarmac. You’re gonna get into a bus be taken to customs and then you’re going to check-in. It’s very fast very easy and should not be a concern to anyone. They are working so hard on the actual airport but honestly, I kind of enjoyed this experience of just walking into a temporary space getting through, and picking up my luggage and getting out it was super fast and it’s not a reason to stop you from going I’ll say that much so the airport is pretty much the same let’s move on.  (UPDATE DEC 11, 2018 – Arrival area has re-opened!)


Next, we’re gonna stop over at Maho today. Seeing all the destruction in
downtown Maho is sad but seeing the construction going on in Maho is
exciting. So while this place has been hurting it’s up for something brand-new. I think they’re doing the right thing right now so while Maho is no longer the place that we all love and remember it is going in the right direction. I think they’re making all the right moves. While I was there the casino reopened so that was fantastic. Perfect timing, I got to see it right as it was opening. If you haven’t been there in a while and you went in you probably wouldn’t even know the difference. There are a few new restaurants and a few new bars in that area one place I spent a
lot of time at actually was The Hole in the Wall right in downtown Maho.

Being a New Yorker I kind of like hole in the wall type bars and this gives
you that feel. There’s a lot of great people. I went in there a few
times on my trip and I saw the same people so it allowed me to as someone
who travels alone to have sort of some camaraderie and the bartender there Matt took great care of me. Go in there say hi to Matt! Tell him Phil Phriday sent you.

I’m going to skip Mullet Bay and Porto Cupecoy because I went into
those in June they are good they are great. fantastic. go!

Next – Terres Basses


  1. Phil,
    Thank you so much, merci beaucoup for this happy, inspirational update!!
    I love St Martin : it’s a second or maybe first home to me. I was devastated for so long but this update has brought tears of joy to me. Tell me, what about it makes you so interested in it? Your Ariel’s are amazing! You mentioned my favorite beaches: Orient beach and Baie Rouge. I am ambivalent about the restaurant and chairs missing. I loved happy hour on Baie Rouge! I’ve also never been to Happy baie so will check it out next time. My Dawn beach in Oyster pond appears to be closed with no sign of life on the web. Are there places to stay on Orient beach?
    Sooooo after your video, I think I’ll return soon. Again thanks so much for the update!!!


    1. Hello Sheree! Thank you so much for commenting. I always love to hear about how much people love the island. It really is a special place. I’m so happy you enjoyed my update. I wanted to provide people with real information about how the rebuilding process is coming along. I first started going to the island 4 years ago. I do work for clients there and found myself going twice a year for weeks at a time. It really started to feel like a second home. Orient Beach has a few places to stay nearby and there are many private villas as well that are available. I’m so happy to hear my video has inspired you to make a return trip soon! That is all I wanted from this! Thanks again for watching and readying!


      1. I used to go for 3 weeks at a time. I’ve stayed all over the island. Each side has its beautiful, seductive aspects.Right?
        Did you get the aerial shots with a drone? Phil, you’re so lucky to work for people there!!!
        I had this dream to live there, but I am afraid of the hurricanes ! Its’ interesting that the new Orient Beach bars are being built so that they can be taken down quickly. Great thinking!!!


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